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Budget Summary FY2012

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Office of the Treasurer and Receiver-General
Data Current as of:  7/11/2011

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The office of the Treasurer and Receiver-General's mission is to prudently manage and safeguard the Commonwealth's public deposits and investments through sound business practices for the exclusive benefit of our citizens.

Governing Laws:


MGL C. 29 S. 32
Unclaimed check fund; refunds
MGL C. 194 S. 10
Unclaimed balance of estate; deposit with Treasurer
MGL C. 200A S. 1-30
Abandoned Property
MGL C. 206 S. 25
Unclaimed money; presumption of abandonment; remittance, etc.
MGL C. 10 S. 70
Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission; members
MGL C. 138 S. 77
Alcoholic Liquors
MGL C. 150E S. 7C
Collective Bargaining Agreements relative to the ABCC
MGL C. 10 S. 35EE
Commonwealth Covenant Fund; board of trustees; etc.
MGL C. 29 S. 64-64D
Public Employees Deferred Compensation
MGL C. 21 S. 27A
Water Pollution Abatement projects; certification; financial assistance; eligibility
MGL C. 29 S. 2L
Water Pollution Abatement revolving fund
MGL C. 29 S. 2QQ
Drinking water revolving fund
MGL C. 29C S. 2
Water Pollution Abatement Trust; board of trustees; members; officers
MGL C. 29C S. 8
Appropriations to water pollution abatement trust; agreements
MGL C. 10 S. 18-20
State Board of Retirement
MGL C. 32 S. 1-105
Retirement Systems and Pensions (sections as applicable)
St. 2005 C. 130 S. 16
Welcome Home Bonus
St. 1968 C. 646 S. 1-12
Vietnam War Bonus
St. 1953 C. 440 S. 1-13
Korean War Bonus
MGL C. 29 S. 23
Advancements from Treasury; management of state agency funds; funding of checks and drafts
MGL C. 29 S. 34
Deposit of public monies
MGL C. 29 S. 38
Investment of Commonwealth funds; loans
MGL C. 29 S. 38A
Investment funds; establishment; sale of participation units
MGL C. 29 S. 38B
Deferred compensation committee; State Treasurer's Office
St. 1945 C. 731 S. 1-13
World War II Bonus


204 CMR 2.0
-10.0; 19.0 Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission
941 CMR 1.0
-4.0 State Board of Retirement
960 CMR 3.0
Deferred Compensation
960 CMR 4.0
Procedures for the Administration of Abandoned Property