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Budget Summary FY2012

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Department of Labor
Data Current as of:  7/11/2011

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The mission of the Department of Labor is to ensure the efficient operation of agencies that protect the general welfare of working people in Massachusetts and that promote stable, harmonious and mutually beneficial relationships between employers and employees. The Division of Occupational Safety within the Department of Labor promotes and protect workers' safety and health, wages and working conditions.

Governing Laws:


MGL C. 23 S. 1-11A
Department of Labor and Workforce Development
MGL C. 149 S. 1-187
Labor and Industries
MGL C. 140 S. 46A-46R
Employment Agencies
MGL C. 151 S. 1-22
Minimum Fair Wages
MGL C. 111 S. 189A-199B
Lead Poisoning, Prevention and Control
MGL C. 82A S. 1-5
Excavation and Trench Safety
MGL C. 111F S. 1-3,7-1
Hazardous Substances Disclosure by Employees
MGL C. 5 S. 1
Payment of Prevailing Wages-state printing contracts
MGL C. 71 S. 7A
Payment of Prevailing Wages-school bus contracts
MGL C. 121B S. 29
Payment of Prevailing Wages-certaini housing authority employees
MGL C. 111 S. 197B
2010 Amendments to Chapter 111, Section 197B


453 CMR 6.0
453 CMR 9
Civil Administrative Penalties
454 CMR 1.0
Division of Industrial Safety
454 CMR 21
Right to Know Law G.L. c. 111F
454 CMR 22
Deleading and Lead-Safe Renovation
454 CMR 23
Occupational Lead Poisoning Registry
455 CMR 2.0
Minimum Wage
520 CMR 140
Excavation and Trench Safety