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Budget Summary FY2012

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15990024 - Agency Auditor Grant Program
Data Current as of:  7/11/2011

Account Description FY2011
1599-0024 Agency Auditor Grant Program
For a reserve to be administered by the office of the comptroller to fund a competitive grant program for the purpose of funding auditors at agencies and departments that demonstrate: (a) a reduction in audit functions due to budget reductions; (b) a decrease in fraud and waste recoveries in the past 3 fiscal years; and (c) a plan for expenditure of audit funds and an estimate of recoveries greater than the award received; provided, that funds shall be awarded to state entities that are most likely to generate savings or revenue from enhanced auditing or program integrity greater than the award received; provided further, that grants shall be made on a one-time, non-recurring basis and the comptroller shall develop guidelines and an application process and award all grants no later than October 3, 2011; provided further, that funds from this item may be expended for additional child support enforcement personnel at the department of revenue; provided further, that agencies awarded grants shall report to the comptroller quarterly detailing their expenditures and recoveries made with grant resources; and provided further, that the comptroller shall report to the house and senate committees on ways and means no later than March 1, 2012 on the grant recipients, their audit outcomes and the effectiveness of the grant program
0 1,250,000