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Budget Summary FY2012

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15956368 - Massachusetts Transportation Trust Fund
Data Current as of:  7/11/2011

Account Description FY2011
1595-6368 Massachusetts Transportation Trust Fund
For an operating transfer to the Massachusetts Transportation Trust Fund, established under section 4 of chapter 6C of the General Laws; provided, that the Massachusetts Department of Transportation shall expend $100,000 for the purposes of conducting a study to include field research, surveys, market studies, and other research methods as needed, to identify and determine additional recurring revenues through the leasing or disposition of commonwealth right-of-ways or other land, property, or interests therein, on the property of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority and associated railroad or transportation related property of the commonwealth, inclusive of its rights-of-way, whether in use for rail, alternative access or abandoned; said study to be for the purpose of maximizing revenue to the commonwealth from installing utility and communication infrastructure including, but not limited to: utility pipelines, conduits, ditches, wires, poles, transmission lines, or transmission facilities for cellular phone devices, broadband, internet and wireless under existing agreements or permits or such agreements or permits or under existing laws, provided that such use does not interfere with the public use of the property for Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority or other purposes. Said study shall be completed by February 1, 2012 and copies transmitted to the house and senate committees on ways and means and the joint committee on transportation
                Commonwealth Transportation Fund ............... 100%
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