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Budget Summary FY2011

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Supplemental Pension Allowance to Widows of Disabled Employees

SECTION 28.   Said section 101 of said chapter 32, as so appearing, is hereby further amended by adding the following paragraph:-

Notwithstanding the previous paragraph, a retirement system may accept a supplemental annual allowance fixed at the rate of $9,000, by a majority vote of the board of each such system, subject to the approval of the legislative body thereof. For the purposes of this section, "legislative body" shall mean, in the case of a city, the city council in accordance with its charter, in the case of a town, the town meeting, in the case of a county, the county retirement board advisory council, in the case of a region, the regional retirement board advisory council, in the case of a district, the district members and, in the case of an authority, the governing body of such authority. Acceptance shall be deemed to have occurred upon the filing of a certification of such votes with the commission. For purposes of this section, the state teachers' and state employees' retirement systems shall be deemed to have accepted the supplemental annual allowance provided for by this section.