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Budget Summary FY2011

Outside Section 170
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Human Service Providers Salary Reserve - Study

SECTION 170.   The executive office of health and human services shall report to the general court on the implementation of chapter 257 of the acts of 2008. The report shall include: (i) current rates for social service programs under section 22N of chapter 7 of the General Laws; (ii) the status of implementation of the prospective rate system established in said chapter 257; (iii) the process for establishing rates for social service programs, including inflation and geographic cost adjustments pursuant to section 2A of chapter 118G of the General Laws; (iv) the extent to which implementation of said chapter 257 has addressed the concerns raised in the executive office of health and human services report dated October 2007, entitled Financial Health of Providers in the Massachusetts Human Service System; and (v) initiatives undertaken to promote efficiency or to reduce or control costs and the results thereof. The executive office shall submit its report to the clerks of the house and senate, the house and senate who shall forward the same to the committees on ways and means, the joint committee on health care financing and the joint committee on children, families and persons with disabilities on or before December 1, 2010.