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Budget Summary FY2011

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AOTC Renogotiate or Terminate Leases B

SECTION 144.   Notwithstanding section 40G of chapter 7 of the General Laws or any other general or special law or regulation to the contrary, the commissioner of capital asset management and maintenance may, on behalf of any state agency or the administrative office of the trial court, renegotiate any existing facilities lease of that agency or office, which was procured pursuant to said chapter 7, to obtain a reduced lease rate or other valuable consideration in consideration of an extension of any such lease for a period of time beyond the 10-year limitation provided in said section 40G of said chapter 7; provided, however, that no lease shall be extended to a date that is more than 15 years after the original commencement date of the lease. The commissioner shall first make a written determination that the renegotiated lease provisions of each renegotiated lease are favorable to the commonwealth based on a cost-benefits analysis.