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Budget Summary FY2011

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The Templeton Visioning Committee 2

SECTION 118.   **Section was returned for amendment (Attachment G)

Said section 1 of said chapter 59 is hereby further amended by striking out the definition of "TDC committee" and inserting in place thereof the following definition:-

"TDC committee", the Templeton Developmental Center Visioning Committee, which shall include 3 representatives of the town of Templeton, 1 of whom shall be a member of the Templeton board of selectmen or his designee who shall serve as chairperson, 1 of whom shall be a member of the Templeton planning board or his designee, and 1 of whom shall be chosen by the Templeton board of selectmen; 1 representative of the community preservation committee; 1 representative of the division of capital asset management and maintenance; 1 representative of the department of developmental services; 1 representative of the employees of the Templeton Development Center; and 1 representative of the legal guardians of the clients currently housed at Templeton Developmental Center; provided, however, that the members, other than the members who are representatives of the state agencies, shall be appointed annually by the local governing authority. The senator and representative who represent the town shall serve as ex-officio members.