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Budget Summary FY2011

Outside Section 105
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UMass Building Authority Indemnity

SECTION 105.   Chapter 773 of acts of 1960 is hereby amended by inserting after section 17 the following section:-

Section 17A. The Authority may indemnify and defend present and past members, officers and employees of the Authority against liabilities, claims, actions, suits, demands, judgments, reasonable costs and expenses, including reasonable legal expenses, in connection with an actual or threatened suit or proceeding, including any compromise or settlement thereof approved by the Authority, arising by reason of any act or omission of such person within the scope of such person's employment, official duties or responsibilities for the Authority; provided, however, that no indemnification shall be provided concerning a matter as to which such person acted with: (1) malice; (2) without a reasonable good faith belief that such person's conduct was in the best interest of the Authority; or (3)with the knowledge that such person's conduct was unlawful. The Authority may procure insurance for itself and for its members, officers and employees against liabilities, losses and expenses which may be incurred by virtue of this section or otherwise.