91101455 - Prescription Advantage

Account Description FY2009
9110-1455 Prescription Advantage
For the costs of the drug insurance program authorized by section 39 of chapter 19A of the General Laws; provided, that amounts received by the executive office of elder affairs' vendor as premium revenue for this program may be retained and expended by the vendor for the purposes of the program; provided further, that not less than $600,000 shall be made available for the operation of the pharmacy outreach program established by section 4C of chapter 19A of the General Laws; provided further, that notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, unless otherwise prohibited by state or federal law, prescription drug coverage or benefits payable by the executive office of elder affairs and the entities with which it has contracted for administration of the subsidized catastrophic drug insurance program pursuant to said section 39 of said chapter 19A, shall be the payer of last resort for this program for eligible persons with regard to any other third-party prescription coverage or benefits available to such eligible persons; provided further, that the executive office shall notify the house and senate committees on ways and means not less than 90 days in advance of any action to limit or cap the number of enrollees in the program; provided further, that this program is subject to appropriation and, in fiscal year 2009, expenditures shall not be more than the amount authorized in this item; provided further, that no action shall be taken to expand the benefits of the program, extend benefits to additional populations or reduce cost sharing in the program without approval of the general court; provided further, that the department shall file all legislation required to implement such actions for review and analysis by the general court; provided further, that the executive office shall take steps for the coordination of benefits with the Medicare prescription drug benefit created pursuant to the federal Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003, to ensure that Massachusetts residents take advantage of said benefit; provided further, that the department shall provide assistance for prescription drug costs to enrollees who qualify for Medicare Part D as well as assistance for premiums, deductibles, payments, and co-payments required by the Part D or Medicare Advantage plans; or by other plans which provide creditable prescription drug coverage as defined by section 104 of said Medicare Modernization Act, and which provide coverage of the cost of prescription drugs actuarially equal to or better than that provided by Medicare Part D; provided further, that a person shall also be eligible to enroll in the program at any time within a year after reaching age 65; and provided further, that the department shall allow those who meet the program eligibility criteria to enroll in the program at any time during the year; and provided further, that the secretary of elder affairs shall not implement cost sharing increases during fiscal year 2009 unless such cost sharing increases have been approved by law a vote of the general court
57,533,656 50,231,990  

Veto Explanation: I am striking language that inappropriately restricts the secretary's discretion.

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Wages & Salaries 1,113 1,264 1,566 1,647 1,791 -12
Employee Benefits 11 14 22 24 26 0
Operating Expenses 18 14 70 71 85 -1
Public Assistance 97,856 89,911 53,574 57,473 55,478 -7,192
Grants & Subsidies 135 145 146 150 155 -1
TOTAL 99,132 91,348 55,379 59,365 57,534 -7,205


FY2009 Spending Category Chart

Pie Chart: Wages & Salaries=3%, Employee Benefits=0%, Operating Expenses=0%, Public Assistance=97%, Grants & Subsidies=0%