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Budget Summary FY2009

FY2009 Transfer Notification Letter to House and Senate (May)
Data Current as of:  6/22/2009

May 11, 2009

The Honorable Steven C. Panagiotakos, Chair
Senate Committee on Ways and Means
State House, Room 212
Boston, MA 02133

The Honorable Charles A. Murphy, Chair
House Committee on Ways and Means
& vbcrlfState House, Room 243
Boston, MA 02133

Dear Chairmen Panagiotakos and Murphy:

Under Section 4 of Chapter 377 of the Acts of 2008, I am submitting the attached transfer plan to offset unavoidable deficiencies in certain accounts with other funds within the relevant executive office. These transfers are made within the executive offices, do not exceed 5% of the amounts available in the transferring account, and will be made in the accounting system on May 26.

In some cases, on behalf of the Governor, I am also notifying you of a revised allotment reduction plan for specific accounts that had been reduced by the Governor via his authority under Chapter 29, Section 9C, but only in order to transfer the funding to the deficient accounts. The original total amount reduced remains in place; we are simply reallocating the funds to cover a deficiency that had been anticipated by our FY2009 fiscal solution.

Thank you for your efforts to provide this flexibility to address the extreme fiscal conditions that we are experiencing in FY2009.


Leslie A. Kirwan

Transfer Schedule 2009-2


Authorized Transfers within Secretariats

Executive Office of Education

  Deficiency Remaining Deficiency
7006-0000 RGT Department of Higher Education Admin (966,753) -
  Available Funds 9C'd Funds Total
7100-0200 UMS University of Massachusetts - 966,753 966,753
  - 966,753 966,753

Executive Office of Transportation

  Deficiency Remaining Deficiency
6010-0001 DPW Massachusetts Highway Department (739,894) (579,894)
  Available Funds 9C'd Funds Total
6010-0002 DPW Mass. Highway Payroll & Overtime 160,000   160,000

Executive Office for Administration and Finance

  Deficiency 9C'd Funds Available Funds
1120-4005 LIB George Fingold Library (22,288) (22,288)  
1110-1000 ALA Administrative Law Appeals (18,000) (18,000)  

Executive Office for Health and Human Services

  Deficiency 9C'd Funds Available Funds
4000-0355 EHS Health Care Quality and Cost Council (4,925) (4,925)



Transfers Identified January 15, 2009 that Will Not Occur
  Original Proposed Transfer  
Account   Dept Description Available Funds 9C'd Funds Total Recipient
10000001 OSC Comptroller Operations 50,779 402,674 453,453 1599-3384
40000600 DMA MassHealth Senior Care   21,419,707 21,419,707 4000-0600
59202006 DMR Residential Rate Increases  100,000 100,000 4000-1420
82000200 CJT Municipal Police Training Com.12,621 132,949 145,570 8900-0001
89100002 EPS Barnstable County Sex Offender -7,752 7,752 8100-0007