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Budget Summary FY2009

45900250 - School-Based Health Programs
Data Current as of:  6/22/2009

Account Description FY2009
4590-0250 School-Based Health Programs
For school health services and school-based health centers in public and non-public schools; provided, that no funds shall be expended in the AA object class; provided further, that services shall include, but not be limited to: (a) strengthening the infrastructure of school health services in the areas of personnel and policy development, programming and interdisciplinary collaboration; (b) developing linkages between school health services programs and community health providers; (c) incorporating health education programs, including tobacco prevention and cessation activities in school curricula and in the provision of school based health services; and (d) incorporating obesity prevention programs, including nutrition and wellness programs, in school curricula to address the nutrition and lifestyle habits needed for healthy development; provided further, that the services shall meet standards and eligibility guidelines established by the department in consultation with the department of education; provided further, that not less than $300,000 shall be expended for mental health and substance abuse services in school-based health centers; provided further, that not less than $550,000 shall be expended for the commission on gay and lesbian youth; provided further, that $150,000 shall be expended for the Childhood Obesity School Nutrition Project within the department to initiate or maintain school lunch programs focused on diminishing the epidemic of childhood obesity; provided further, that food service providers working with public schools wishing to institute or maintain a school nutrition program designed to reduce childhood obesity may submit an application to the department indicating the various nutritional and educational steps the school plans to implement with the grant, not to exceed $10,000 per school per year; provided further, that eligible programs shall focus on providing healthier choices for lunch programs and provide incentives and information to make healthier meal choices in the school lunch line; provided further, that 1 or more schools may be included in an application; provided further, that grant applications and other appropriate criteria shall be determined and reviewed by the department; provided further, that not less than $200,000 shall be expended for the North Quabbin Community Coalition for support and implementation of four model community coalitions and community capacity building activities; provided further, that not less than $15,000,000 shall be expended for school nurses and school based health centers; and provided further, that not less than $100,000 shall be expended to the H.E.L.P. program so-called, for black males health; and provided further, that not less than $75,000 shall be expended for a pilot program to provide community health services through the school-based health center at the Helen A. Bowditch Health Center at Elm Park school in the city of Worcester
17,457,134 16,697,430  

Note:  Governor's veto was overridden.

Veto Explanation: I am reducing this item to the amount projected to be necessary.

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Wages & Salaries 428 782 820 818 984 -110
Employee Benefits 2 0 2 5 14 -3
Operating Expenses 49 281 339 221 267 -8
Public Assistance 4,156 4,369 5,129 5,160 5,498 -441
Grants & Subsidies 9,019 9,171 10,313 10,319 10,695 -70
TOTAL 13,654 14,603 16,603 16,523 17,457 -632


FY2009 Spending Category Chart

Pie Chart: Wages & Salaries=6%, Employee Benefits=0%, Operating Expenses=2%, Public Assistance=31%, Grants & Subsidies=61%



City / Town
  9C Cuts    
H.E.L.P. program for black males health  100,000 -50,000  
Childhood Obesity School Nutrition Pilot Project  150,000 -75,000  
School Nurse and school-based health centers Statewide15,000,000 -150,000  
Commission on gay and lesbian youth Statewide550,000 -150,000  
North Quabbin Community Coalition Western Massachusetts, Cape and Islands, Central Massachusetts200,000 -100,000  
Mental health and substance abuse services in school based health centers Statewide300,000 0  
Helen Bowditch Health Center PILOT Worcester75,000 -37,500  
school nutrition program grant Statewide10,000 -5,000