Governor Deval Patrick's Five Year Capital Investment Plan FY2011 - FY2015

Governor's Capital Investment Plan FY2011

Higher Education

The Commonwealth’s higher education system, which serves approximately 260,000 students, is comprised of 29 campuses divided into three segments:  15 community colleges, nine state colleges and universities, as well as five University of Massachusetts campuses.  In response to the alarming capital deficiencies at many of these institutions when he took office, Governor Patrick dramatically increased planned spending for higher education capital projects in the first five-year capital plan in FY08, and he obtained passage of a $2.2 billion, 10-year higher education bond bill in 2008 as a key component of his 10-year education reform initiative.

The following graph reflects the Administration’s capital commitment to public higher education over the next five years as compared to projected fiscal 2010 capital spending for higher education. The state’s capital investment in higher education is increasing dramatically, and by 2013 higher education investments will represent 14% of the total bond-cap funded capital budget, compared to just 3% in fiscal year 2007.  When Governor Patrick filed the higher education bond bill, he committed to making spending on higher education 10% of bond cap spending within 5 years; in this capital plan we will reach that level by 2012, the 4th year of the higher education bond bill.

The Patrick-Murray Administration commitment to public higher education will exceed $1 billion in the FY11-15 plan, a historic level of funding. Other important figures include:

  • Bond cap spending for higher education will increase by 76% between FY10 and FY11. 

  • All-Sources of spending for higher education will increase by over 151% between FY10 and FY11, as some of our projects are funded with contributions from UMass for a few of the larger projects.

  • A new building at each UMass campus will be in construction in 2010. 

  • A second major project at each UMass campus is planned to begin in the second half of the five year plan.

  • For State, University, and Community Colleges, there will be over $100 Million in funding in every year of the five year plan; a level never before reached in the history of the Commonwealth.

  • For State, University, and Community Colleges, there will be 18 different projects from the Higher Education Bond Bill completed or in construction by the end of this five year plan.

This significant capital investment in higher education is exclusive of additional amounts that will be invested in public higher education facilities as a part of the Life Sciences Initiative capital program included in the Economic Development investment category described above.  In addition, while the chart below reflects amounts the university and college campuses are contributing to projects being carried out and primarily funded by the Commonwealth, it does not reflect additional amounts of campus funding and ARRA funding received directly by the campuses that the campuses invest in capital projects that they carry out. 

This bar graph show the Higher Education: all sources of funds between the years of FY10 through FY15.

FY11 Highlights

  • Complete design and break ground for construction of a new $152 million integrated science building at UMass Boston.  This building will provide approximately 220,000 gross square feet of new laboratory, research and teaching space to support science programs.

  • Continue construction of a $144 million cutting-edge, 300,000 gross square feet science building at UMass Amherst, which will support engineering and science research in both wet and dry laboratory space. 

  • Acceleration of a new academic building at the UMass Amherst campus, to meet the anticipated academic space needs in 2014.

  • Continue the construction phase of the Emerging Technology Center at UMass Lowell.

  • Break ground for construction of a new $40 million classroom building at UMass Lowell.  The 63,000 gross square foot building will provide new general classrooms, new state of the art teaching spaces and faculty offices for the departments of Criminal Justice, Nursing and Psychology.

  • Begin construction on the $43 million Carney Library expansion and renovation project at UMass Dartmouth.

  • Continue the construction phase of the $98.6 million Bridgewater State University science building modernization and expansion. 

  • Continue the construction phase of the $25.1 million library project at Massachusetts Maritime Academy.  This project incorporates sustainable design and includes geothermal heating and other techniques to conserve energy.

  • Continue construction phase of the $31 million project to modernize the campus core, including expansion and improvements to the library, dining and assembly space, at Greenfield Community College.

  • Continue construction phase of the $34.4 million Allied Health Building at the Danvers campus of North Shore Community College, which will be the Commonwealth’s first zero net energy building.

  • Certify study and begin design for $30 million project at Massachusetts College of Art and Design for the Center for Design Innovation.

  • Start construction on $2.9 million building stabilization project at Springfield Community College.

  • Start construction on $57.2 million project to renovate and add to the Condike Science Building at Fitchburg State University. 

  • Start demolition of vacant library and begin construction of the $74.1 million project to build a new library and learning commons at Salem State University.

  • Initiate several studies for various projects at Worcester State University, and Bristol, Middlesex, North Shore and Quinsigamond Community Colleges for projects to begin construction beyond FY11.

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